Choosing A Wedding Videographer

Capturing the perfect wedding day video takes more than just luck. There are a number of factors involved that should be considered when you’re planning your wedding video whether you’re the one behind or in front of the camera.1. ExperienceMake sure the videographer has considerable experience, has just about seen it all and can anticipate what is about to happen in order to capture events as they unfold. Take note of any recommendations from people you know or testimonials to this regard.2. CommunicationThe videographer must be prepared to liaise with other people who have key roles in your day, from the photographer to the hotel manager, in order to be alerted to upcoming highlights such as cutting the cake and the speeches as well as ensuring s/he is updated of any changes to the schedule.3. Post EditingThe video service should be able to provide additional interesting extras, such as background music and slow motion shots, which will give your finished video a professional and polished touch, distinguishing it from a regular home movie.4. ExpertiseThe wedding video should be a professional piece of work, make sure that as well as having top quality equipment, the videographer also advocates technical knowledge such as an understanding of white balance, manual focus and shutter speeds.
Ask to see examples of their work to judge the picture quality for yourself.
5. LightingWhen discussing locations for the wedding day, ensure that the videographer has lighting equipment suitable for indoor filming and will be able to transport it to each venue, to ensure each picture is evenly lit and exposed.6. SoundAsk if it is possible for the groom to wear a tie-clip microphone in order to pick up both sets of vows being made.
Even the most confident of couples can be softly spoken when exchanging vows and this is the most important moment in your marriage ceremony that will want to be relived. This inconspicuous device will record voices onto the video, which may otherwise be lost.
7. DiscretionThe ideal videographer will be unobtrusive and record the day without becoming a feature of it. Choose someone who understands the sensitivity needed to get all the shots whilst remaining invisible. Look for comments highlighting this ability when checking recommendations.


3 comments on “Choosing A Wedding Videographer

  1. Hi

    My name is Orlando Horta

    I`m a Videographer from Portugal – Living in Algarve (Tavira).
    I speak Spanish, English , French and i have a good experience filming Weddings and Events.

    I do my work in Portugal or South Spain

    Here is a link to see some of my videos.
    Soon i will put new videos on line.

    If you have any questions, or need contacts in Portugal
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    I am happy to clarify and answer any of your questions

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    Orlando Horta

  2. For Spain I would choose a local photographer. There are plenty of Irish and English photographers over there and the Spanish photographers are of a very high standard.

    Just make sure you have it in writing about what you are getting for your money. Try to find one who will supply copyright free high res images on disc before you leave so at least you have copies. If you want them to do an album set a date of when it will be completed and maybe book a romantic weekend for you and your new hubby to go back to collect it.

  3. I am getting married abroad next year and was wondering if I should look for a local photographer or pay for one to come over from Ireland? Does anyone know of a good photographer that would be willing to make the journey? (Spain)

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