Wedding Abroad – How do I register in Ireland?

For all those of you (Irish couples) a bit rattled at the idea of Eddie Murphy’s destination wedding not been legally recognised and are questioning your own, this should help: 

borabora_lemeridien_ariel_01.jpgIf I get married abroad will it be recognised by Irish Law and do I need to register my marriage in Ireland on my return?

Marriages which take place outside the State are normally registered in the country in which they occur and are NOT registered in Ireland by a Registrar or the General Register office. Persons marrying abroad should ensure that all the legal requirements of the country in question are met, and should enquire as to the procedure for obtaining a marriage certificate from that country – the relevant Embassy/or religious authorities may be able to advise.

If a marriage certificate is in a foreign language, it should normally be accepted for official purposes in this State if accompanied by an official translation, or a translation from a recognised translation agency. Both parties to a marriage contracted abroad must be over 18 for the marriage to be valid in Irish law.

The General Register Office has no function in advising on, or in the registration of, marriages which take place outside the State. There is no facility for registering such marriages in the State, and the civil marriage certificate would normally be accepted as the legal proof of the marriage. In cases where a serious doubt exists as to whether the marriage is recognised in Irish law, legal advice may be sought and an application made to the Circuit Family Court for a ruling under Section 29 of the Family Law Act, 1995 as to whether the marriage is recognisable under Irish law.


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  1. Немного не по теме, но смешно: Совет другу от подруги – еслиизнасилование неизбежно -расслабьтесь и насилуйте! 🙂

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