Who Speaks At The Wedding

bestman-speech.jpg The traditional people to speak at a wedding are: 

  • Father of the Bride
  • Groom
  • Best Man

If you have a religious ceremony, the celebrant will normally attend the reception and may also give a short talk.  It is more likely, however, that they will just say a blessing before the meal.  

If there is no Master of Ceremonies, it is the bestman’s job to call people’s attention and invite the celebrant to say ‘grace’ or the blessing.

Increasingly, there are many more people who speak at the wedding, including the bride, mother of the bride, parents of the groom, bridesmaids, godparents, old family friends…the list is endless. Once you have decided who is going to speak, the only task left is to make sure that certain people are thanked and certain toasts are made. For a full guide to making a special speech see: www.blarneyspeeches.com


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