Wedding in the Seychelles & Mauritius

Dual Seychelles/Mauritius Wedding and Honeymoon

cd_seychelles_02.jpgThe Wedding Planner advises: If planning a wedding or honeymoon in the Seychelles don’t make it a dual destination with Mauritius. Both offer similar idyllic suroundings and accommodation so the extra expense in trying to do both in the one trip is a bit of a waste I feel. Also the distance between the two might not look much on a map but it is quite a long flight – you could be spending that valuable bathing in the crystal clear waters of which ever sole island you chooseinstead.

We can arrange weddings on beaches, in tropical gardens and also aboard a luxury private yacht which can be chartered for three days in the Seychelles and Mauritius.Your wedding will be confirmed once we have made your hotel reservation. You can get married on any day of the week, excluding public holidays. One of the many advantages  is that it is unusual for hotels to host more than one wedding per day.Late afternoon is the best time to get married; temperatures are cooler and the light is better for photography. Consider the island’s tropical climate when choosing your wedding outfits. Tight fitting dresses or suits and man-made fibres will be especially uncomfortable.You should plan to arrive in the Seychelles at least three days prior to your wedding. The arrangements will be finalised at your hotel; your personal wedding co-ordinator will help you choose a suitable location and organise any extra services you need: including make-up, hairdressing, flowers, catering and photographers. Many of these services can be pre paid before you leave Ireland or the UK, but some must be paid for locally.


2 comments on “Wedding in the Seychelles & Mauritius

  1. Hello,

    We are planning for a beach side Hindu wedding in Mauritius, however we are residing in Dubai (United Arab Emrates). Since we were surfing the net for the possibilities, we came upon your web site. Please confirm would you be able to assist us on planning the wedding.

    Waiting to hear from you.

    Thanks & Regards.

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