Buying an engagment ring

Diamond Buying Tips

For all you guys preparing to pop the question this Valentines Day, I though I’d give you a bit of advise. There is a lot to know about rings and about your bride before you purchase the ring.

By the time you buy the engagement ring, you should know her ring size. An easy way to figure out her ring size is to secretly take one of her rings to a jeweller. They will be more than happy to help you out. You might also ask her sister or mother, or anyone close to her who would possibly know he ring size.


You should also know what shapes of jewellery stones she likes. Does she like white or yellow gold, or platinum? White gold and platinum are the most popular at the moment. Next, you must set your budget. Engagement ring prices can range from moderately expensive to very expensive. The price of the engagement ring is only limited by your budget. The diamond is what makes the engagement ring such an expensive gift. With such an expensive investment, you should make sure you understand some of the basics of buying diamonds.

Diamond professionals use four factors to purchase diamonds, and you should use the same standards to buy the diamond engagement ring.

1. Colour – The colour of the diamond has a significant impact on the overall price. Sometimes this is referred to as the colour value of the diamond. You might ask the jeweller to place the diamonds you are interested in order based on colour value. Since the colour differences are so light, it might be difficult to see the colour difference between diamonds. Keep in mind the less colour the more expensive.

2. Clarity – Clarity is no less important when it comes to selecting a diamond. An Fl (Flawless) graded diamond shows no inclusions (inclusions = flaws) under 10X magnification. Since flawless diamonds are extremely rare, be prepared to pay extra for perfection.

3. Cut – It is the first aspect of the diamond that is influenced by humans. Cut is also called ‘make’, the better the make the more gorgeous the diamond. Valuing the diamond based on cut can be very subjective.

4. Carat – Carat weight is the basic measuring unit of diamonds. It has to do with how much your diamond weighs.There is a huge variety of diamonds to choose from. While they are all beautiful, they are very different in colour, clarity, cut, and carat weight. We hope you’ll find the above information helpful in selecting your engagement ring diamond. Keep in mind, you should only buy a diamond from a reputable jeweller.


2 comments on “Buying an engagment ring

  1. Buying a diamond

    So you are getting engaged and you want to show your union with a Diamond ring.

    That’s Great!

    But how do you know what you are buying is really a diamond?

    Well you go to a jeweller and you ask for one.


    But how do you know what the jeweller is selling you is in fact a diamond?

    Well you go to a jeweller you trust and where you get a certificate or diamond grading report.


    But how do you know that the report or certificate is real?

    Oh my!

    Yes! you are quite right, how would you know?

    The only way is to check the credentials of the Laboratory.

    How do you do this?

    The easiest way is to see which diamond governing bodies recognises the specific laboratory.

    What if the laboratory that has certified the diamond is, NOT recognised?

    Well then it is best NOT to buy that diamond. Rather find another stone from another store.

    Bottom line, if the retailer, Jeweller or internet retailer, is selling diamonds with unrecognised,in-house or Non compliant certificates. then shop else where. You will be ripped of or short changed if you buy with out proper certificates.

    For a list of laboratories that are recognised by the International diamond bodies see:

    My advice is to take great care and do the research before you buy.take special care if you are buying in Melbourne.

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