Wedding Speeches – when to do them

speech-groom.jpgSpeeches are traditionally done after the meal however an alternative approach now is to give the speeches at the start of the reception so that nervous speakers can then relax and enjoy the meal which was so carefully planned – breaking with tradition can be a good thing and hunger may also produce shorter speeches which everyone will enjoy!

Alternatively, have the speeches after the second course, by doing it this way hunger pangs are quietened and speakers still save on the indigestion! If you do decide on either of these options be sure to tell the venue management, as the chef will have to time the courses accordingly. If you do have the speeches at the beginning, then arrange to have a toast at the end of the meal to wrap things up. For a full guide on wedding speeches see:


One comment on “Wedding Speeches – when to do them

  1. You make a great point about having the speeches BEFORE the meal and getting them out the way, nothing says that you have to stick to tradition throughout the day if you want something different.

    My experience though is that once the actual wedding is out the way, people tend to relax a bit. Also, wine is usually served, which helps people unwind a bit too.

    Ted Davidsen

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