UnusualWedding Bands/Rings

The Wedding Planner Ireland came across this gem on another blog and thought she’s share it with her readers:

Kiley Granberg, Art Jeweller and Fine Artist from Alberta, Canada, came up with a great wedding ring “Nut and Bolt” idea.  These 


Wedding Bands would be great for any couple working in a trade that deals with nuts and bolts!
The rings are brass, 24k gold plate with white zircon. Although the stone is set into the men’s ring, when screwed together, the stone actually sits against the woman’s finger – nice touch!


Mixed Faith Marriages


pink-turbans.jpgThe Wedding Planner Ireland advises: You’ll know long before you start the wedding plans if your faiths are different from one another so this shouldn’t be a shock. And you may have already begun how you want to deal with this. It doesn’t have to be a problem; rather, it can be a great way to create a new ceremony for the both of you. 

Deciding to convert 

Before deciding to convert to one religion or another, you want to take your time to discover why you’re doing it. Do you truly want to convert to another religion or do you just want to make your spouse and his or her family happy? This is a very honest discussion to have with your self and there aren’t any good answers, except for the ones that are true. 

If you feel that converting is a good decision for you, then by all means, go ahead and take the steps needed. Many times, you’ll have to take classes and speak with the religious head well in advance of any wedding plans.

The trick is not to feel pressured into converting. And with all of the emotions attached with a wedding, some families may have trouble accepting someone of a different faith. If you believe that you want to remain the faith that you are, you should do so. And if your spouse is trying to coax you into converting, you may want to hold off on the wedding as well. This is a very personal choice, and it needs to be made by the individual, not everyone else. 

A dual faith wedding It’s actually very easy to have a wedding that incorporates two different faiths. Sit down and see what each faith requires at the wedding and then talk about how you can compromise to make sure all is proper. You may want to have the wedding in a non-denominational setting so that you don’t have the ‘home court advantage’ for one faith or another. You may also decide to have two different ceremonies weaving in and out of one another, combing elements of both faiths. This really shows the commitment to each other and to the separate faiths. 

You may also want to have two different ministers or one denominational or have a civil ceremony that is legally binding without the emotion attached to either denomination.

Choosing the Maid of Honour and Bestman

The Wedding Planner Ireland advises: pageboy-and-flowergirl-funny.jpgMany women feel the pressure of having to choose their ‘bestest’friend for the honour of being maid in their wedding.

They feel like they are leaving one of their friends out or hurting their feelings.


First of all, realize that the duty of being in the wedding party is enormous. The Maid of Honour has a lot to do before and during the wedding itself, so you will want to choose someone that you think can handle it. If you’re the bride, you may feel that you have to choose a family member as well, but that’s not necessary. You might include them as a part of the party, but if you have a really close friend that you want to bestow the honour upon, then do so. Find someone who isn’t overly busy or committed. If they live in the town that you’ll be married in, that’s great too. Even if you’re out of town, you’ll get to be able to visit each other and she can make arrangements while you’re at your home. You also want to find someone who isn’t financially burdened. The thing is hen parties, manicures, tanning, etc all cost money, so you don’t want to stretch them or have to pay all their expenses other than their dress and  hair and makeup on day. 

And then the men

Just like choosing the Maid of Honour, you don’t want to choose someone that ‘should’ be the Best Man. This should be someone that you can count on to plan the stag party and get the other groomsmen to stay on schedule. Of course, your best friend may fit this bill, so the decision might be easy. Again, don’t pick someone who doesn’t have a lot of time or is financially strapped. Picking someone to be your right hand person is an important decision and an honour for the person that you ask. Although you may think that they are the right person, they may decline the offer and the extra work but don’t be offended.

Lifesize Wedding Cake

The Wedding Planner came across this and thought it was something she had to share!


This Nigerian/Texan bride decided to have a lifesize wedding cake made of herself. It definately has to go in our unusual cake section! If you have any photos of unusual wedding cakes please do post them as we are on our way to a collection!

A Destination Wedding

las-vegas-wedding.jpgThe Wedding Planner in Ireland advises: A destination wedding isn’t a destination wedding unless you’re off to somewhere exotic and remote. You might pick a tropical island like Mauritius or somewhere in the Caribbean. Perhaps a mountain top in South Africa, a castle in the heart of Scotland or the rainforests of Australia are more your thing you. This is your dream, pick exactly what you want. 

Realize that the farther that you go, the less people will want to or be able to come with you. And this might be exactly what you’re looking for – just a simple wedding with you and your soon-to-be spouse.  In either case, you will still want to send out announcements of your wedding date so that your friends and family will know. In many cases, you can get married at the destination wedding, and then have a party more than a reception when you get home. Why these are popular Destination weddings take away a lot of the traditional planning of the traditional wedding. There aren’t the crowds of people to meet and greet. There aren’t the floral and cake and decoration meetings. In most cases, these resorts will do everything for you so you get to relax and enjoy your day. 

The pictures that you will have from your wedding can be in stunning locations and very unlike anything that they could have created in their own country. A move toward ancient culture tradition is also in vogue. Many couples are being married by the native priests and ministers in the traditional ways of the tribes that live there.

In Hawaii, you can be married in the Polynesian tradition, with a hula dance, in Ireland a priest can do the old tradition of tying the couple’s hands together – where the saying ‘to tie the knot’ came from. Being able to invite only those people that you love is a great way to enter into married life together. The settings are intimate and private, so you can just enjoy each other. 

Destination weddings can be expensive weddings for your family to attend, so you may want to turn on a video camera when the actual vows are exchanged. Then go on your honeymoon, enjoy yourself, and go back home to celebrate with your family. 

The Wedding Planner can organise weddings and honeymoons in over 4,000 locations in over 40 different countries.

Girls Wedding Proposals

29th February- get down on your knees!

The Wedding Planner Ireland advises: flowers.jpgAccording to the Irish tradition (said to go back to Saint Patrick and St Brigid of Kildare in 5th century Ireland) women may make marriage proposals on 29th February. Girls, 2008 is your only chance for at least another four years!


It is believed this tradition was started in the 5th century in Ireland, when the rules of courtship were quite different to today and women didn’t have an option but to wait for their boyfriend to pop the question when they believed the time was right.


According to the legend, St. Bridget complained to St. Patrick about women having to wait for a man to propose so St. Patrick decided women could get down on their knees on 29th February, that is, only on a leap year.


Even though, in this day and age, no woman has to wait for her boyfriend to propose… it is a nice touch doing it on 29th February!

Wedding trends in 2008

The Wedding Planner in Ireland writes:

5 wedding trends showing up in 2008


wedding-ring.jpg1- Keeping it green and ethical


White weddings were the fairytale stereotype but green is the colour of fashionable weddings. Measuring the carbon footprint of your big day will be top of the list for a growing number of couples this year.


But the issue is not only about sending recycled paper invitations and using sustainable materials… a bigger issue of ethical weddings is also growing in popularity: think about using charity donations as favors, supporting local suppliers, renting a venue for a charitable or cultural cause, buying your gown in charity shops (or giving it to charity after the event)…


2- Civil ceremonies boom in Ireland


Those looking to tie the knot in Ireland and not necessarily interested in religious ceremonies don’t have to ‘emigrate’ anymore to have a civil service in a lovely venue. With the new law that came into effect in November 2007, couples marrying in Ireland can now choose their venue (with some restrictions) and forget dark and un-romantic registry offices.


According to the CSO, the number of civil marriages was over 22% of all marriages in 2006, five times higher than in 1996, when just under 6% of all marriages were civil ceremonies. 2008 will definitely see an increase in the number of couples choosing civil ceremonies in Ireland.


The new laws are great news for Irish venues as it opens lots of new marketing options and it will encourage and for people from abroad wishing to have their wedding in Ireland so it will help with Irish tourism.


3- Weddings abroad


Weddings overseas are also a trend that will continue to grow in 2008, as couples look for different settings for their wedding day (most looking for some guaranteed sunshine!) and try to make a holiday of the event.


4- The Internet revolution


Too many friends from too many different places? Trying to organize them can be a challenge (even a nightmare) but with the help of the Internet and its many resources (wed-sites, blogs and even networking sites …) everybody can be kept on the loop of what’s happening with your wedding planning. Quick and effective. Some will even want to give up traditional invitations altogether…


5- Different honeymoons


Beach honeymoons are becoming more and more a thing of the past and 2008 will see a surge in the number of couples looking for exciting options for their honeymoon: from skiing in exclusive resorts to around the world trips, tours of South America or exploring South-East Asia.


Fiji Wedding Facts

The Wedding Planner Ireland advises on SOME BONUSES TO GETTING MARRIED IN FIJI

as-the-sun-goes-down-in-fiji.jpgLOWER COSTS (once you get there) Many of the resorts don’t charge for venue hire lowering your costs significantly. All you pay for is the food and drinks you consume.

EVERYTHING ORGANISED FOR YOU – Resorts will happily organise all details including arranging all legal requirements and many have a wedding coordinator – you just relax.

A CHOICE OF CEREMONIES – With option of integrating traditional ceremonies for something unique the many cultural influences that make up Fiji allow ceremonies to be blended for your choice of ceremony.

NOT HAVING TO TRAVEL FOR YOUR HONEYMOON – what better way to start your honeymoon than simply walking up the beach!

GROUP TRAVEL DISCOUNT – wedding parties will frequently qualify for group travel discounts. Your guests will be able to enjoy a holiday at a much better rate than they could buy on their own as this provides a fantastic excuse for your guests to indulge in a holiday break.

HAVE AN ENTIRE RESORT TO YOURSELF – In Fiji, wedding parties are often able to take over whole resorts allowing total privacy.

 HASSLE FREE DOCUMENTATION – Any official documents you need are exactly the same as getting married in any part of the world. 

A CHOICE OF ISLANDS – with over 330 different islands you can choose how remote or busy you want your wedding location to be.

ACCOMMODATION – The majority of the resorts cater for weddings, including obtaining the license.  Room rates are quoted per night, but often tour operators can offer special deals.  



Wedding Facts – The ceremony can still be arranged in a single day!

Documentation required:

1. Original or certified copy of birth certificates

2.  Passports (with valid visitors permit)


3. Decree Absolute documents (divorce papers) if relevant


4. Officially witnessed consent of your father if you are under 21 (or mother if father is deceased)


5. Death certificate of deceased former spouse (if relevant)


6. To present yourself together at the Registry Office when applying for the licence which can be obtained within one working day. This must be done in Fiji. Registry offices are in Suva and Lautoka, while District Offices throughout Fiji also facilitate this.


7. Registration offices are open between 9.00am and 3.00pm Monday through Friday. Registration formalities take about 15 minutes.


8. The fee is €10.00 and the license is valid for 21 days.


9. Confirmatory letter on current satus to be obtained from marriage Registry where the applicant resides or statutory declaration signed by a Justice of Peace or Notary Public or Solicitor to prove that he/she has not entered into a marriage before (this declaration applies to first or second marriage).

10. Applicants from Asian Nationals who are named herein: Chinese/Phillipines/Pakistan/India) are to apply one (1) month in advance for their marriage licence

Mailing Address:
Registrar of Births, Deaths & Marriages
PO Box 2236, Government Buildings

Office Hours:
Registrar General’s Office (Suva): 8.30am to 3.30pm Mon to Fri- Phone: (679) 3315280
Divisional Registrar Lautoka- 9.00am to 3.00pm Mon to Fri- Phone (679) 6665132
Divisional Registrar Labasa- 9.00am to 3.00pm Mon to Fri- Phone (679) 8812477


Fab Wedding Dresses at Great Prices

catherine-jane-dress.jpgThe Wedding Planner advises: Have you always dreamed of wearing a wedding dress by a top designer on your big day, but just can’t justify spending thousands of Euro on a dress you will only wear once? The designer bridal sale may have the answer. Taking place in Tallaght Plaza Hotel, Dublin on the 26th and 27th of April 2008, the event will feature stunning brand new gowns by renowned bridal designers including Alan Hannah, Ian Stuart, Paloma Blanca, David Fielden, Bronte Bridal, Jesus Peiro, Adele Wechsler and others. Gowns originally priced at €1,200-€4,000 will be reduced to €100-€500 with no dress over €500. All of the dresses are brand new and have only been used as stores samples.

The massive reductions offer an opportunity for brides struggling to budget for their big day to wear something really beautiful, made from fine fabrics and with the stunning cut associated with designer gowns. The sale will feature 70 bridal gowns with the majority in sizes 12 or 14, the dresses can easily be altered down up to two sizes. Dresses are sold as seen and as this is a one off event, independently organised there is no return. The sale will also feature a range of designer bridal accessories including shoes by Filippa Scott, Rainbow Club and Paradox, tiara’s, veils and jewellery with all accessories only €25.

Full details and images of some of the dresses on sale at www.irishbridalsale.com

Date and venue: Tallaght Plaza Hotel, Dublin from 11am-5pm on Saturday the 26th and Sunday the 27th of April. 

The dress featured here is a Catherine Jane (style 424) Size 14,  silk gown with straps hand applied applicque on bodice with aline skirt and train. It was €1150  Now € 100

Weddings in Belle Isle Castle, Ireland

image06_f.jpgHidden away on an island at the heart of Northern Ireland’s Fermanagh Lakelands, Belle Isle Castle hosts small civil wedding ceremonies and receptions for up to 40 guests. The 17th century Belle Isle Castle sits at the heart of a unique 470 acre estate spread over eight islands in County Fermanagh.

The Castle is licensed to hold civil ceremonies and couples can choose
to marry in three locations – the hall, the drawing room or the garden. Anyone wishing to hold a civil ceremony at Belle Isle Castle must use one of the local registrars to perform the ceremony.

All wedding parties at Belle Isle must book the Castle accommodation for a minimum of three nights. The Castle can accommodate up to 14 people in eight bedrooms. Additional guests can stay in the nearby coach house and courtyard apartments or one of the estate cottages.

This castle along with 100 other international castles worldwide which can be booked for weddings feature in ‘The Wedding Planner’s Guide to Castle Weddings’ which is available from mid March 2008 through www.weddingplanner.ie.