Amalfi Coast Wedding

Palazzo Belmonte

I recently found a real hidden gem of a location for a stunning wedding abroad. Located in the Amalfi coast (Italy), Palazzo Belmonte and Villa Belmonte is a popular destination for honeymooners looking for a private retreat.

 Located in the mediaeval village of Castellabate, the castle has been for centuries the chosen hunting destination for kings of Spain and Italy. A prince (Principe di Belmonte) currently lives in a private wing of the palace, so you can truly have a royal wedding here! The castle has a private beach, as well as swimming pool and 5 acres of parkland and gardens. The palace has an exclusive family chapel, available for wedding ceremonies. Belmonte is ideal for private events of 40 to 50 people. The restaurant is located at the end of the garden, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.  There are 22 apartments and suites in the original palazzo, with additional accommodation available in the adjoining Edoardo’s house and Villa Belmonte.  Contact me to help arrange your wedding here through my website


One comment on “Amalfi Coast Wedding

  1. We are looking to come to the Amalfi Coast in July of this year to get married ( wedding day July 25th). Is there a castle there that is available for weddings. In addition, we would like to find one that is a hotel as well.

    Thank you,

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