Scheduling Your Wedding Date

veil.jpgThe Wedding Planner advises: On average, there is 12-18 months between the engagement and the wedding day. Before setting the date for the big day, you should consider your friends and family members’ schedules. Birthdays, exams, holidays, and other events may prevent people important to you attend your wedding day.
Getting married during the busiest wedding ceremony months has multiple challenges. First, be prepared to pay premium for reception venues, photography services, cars, etc. In addition to hire costs, you should consider challenges based on availability. Your dream location may not be available on your dream date. May through September are some of the busiest months for weddings, if you can, you should consider getting married one of the off months. November through April gives you more opportunities to keep costs down. During the slower months, you are bound to get better service because more vendors are competing for your business.
Because Saturday is the most popular wedding day, beware that you are competing with many other brides for the same venues and services. Saturday is the most convenient day for your guests, but it offers you the most booking challenges and expense. Fridays are considered the next best days and are still much more convenient than weekdays.
Christmas is now a popular time to get married, however vendors are not always available and can charge premium rates for this popular time of year.
Like anything else in life, there will be pros and cons to any possible wedding date. Your job is to figure out the best possible date based on your needs and desires.


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