Movie Wedding Scenes

ladyhawke_flr.jpgThe Wedding Planner Ireland advises: Get in the wedding mood with a quick trip to your video rental shop. Check out these titles for dreamy wedding scenes:

 ° Braveheart ° Camelot ° Dangerous Beauty 0 Robin Hood Prince of Thieves ° Elizabeth ° Ever After ° Excalibur ° First Knight ° Henry V ° King Arthur ° Kingdom of Heaven ° A Knight’s Tale ° Lady Jane ° Ladyhawke ° The Lion In Winter ° The Lord of the Rings trilogy ° The Mists of Avalon ° Much Ado About Nothing ° Orlando ° Othello ° The PrincessBride ° Queen Margot ° Romeo and Juliet ° Shakespeare InLove. And last but not least Shrek!


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