Saying Your Wedding Vows

celtic-sealing-vows-at-wishing-stone.jpgThe Wedding Planner ireland advises: One thing I always say to couples is to try and memorises your vows before the wedding day. Practice saying them out loud in front of the mirror or to a teddy! So many couples get caught up in planning the minutest details of their day and overlook putting time into the most important thing of the day – the time you both declare your undying love for each other and go from being friends to officially becoming related!I always cringe when I see a couple with their head stuck in an order of service booklet stumbling over the most important words of their lives, when their eyes should be glued to each other and the words said with meaning and passion. Most brides imagine the time of their vows to be like a film set and if you are one of them treat it like a movie scene with both of you having the lead roles! All actors and actresses learn the lines before hand of the all important scenes so be sure you do too – and make it an Oscar winning performance – unlike a movie you don’t get to do retakes.


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