Kiss the Bride -Wedding Vows

kiss-bride.jpgThe Wedding Planner in Ireland advises: If you have always imagined your wedding ceremony a certain way it is important to tell the celebrant. Take time to write notes before hand and while taking the celebrants recommendations into consideration do push for  what you want.


If you have always imagined saying ‘I DO’ well tell the celebrant that is what you want to say as a lot of pre set vows say ‘I Will’ which doesn’t sound as romantic to a lot of people. Also tell the celebrant if you want him to say ‘I now pronounce you husband and wife, you may kiss the bride’ directly after the vows as this is not always said automatically.


I have often been to weddings (not ones I have coordinated!) and after the couple have mumbled their vows to each other the celebrant goes directly into the next section of the ceremony leaving the audience and the sometimes the couple wondering if they are officially married yet.


 The kiss gives a great photo opportunity, makes you feel more relaxed now that the vows are finished and gives the guests a chance to clap!


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