Quick Guide to Wedding Ceremony Music

Prelude, Processional, Resessional… confused? The Irish Wedding Planner’s Quick Guide to wedding music should have you sorted in seconds!


tiara.jpgCeremony music includes:

The Prelude: As the guests arrive and are seated, they’ll hear this music, designed to help create the mood and set the tone for the entire event.


Processional: An indication to the guests that the event is starting, this music usually has an even beat (you’re not looking for a beat to dance to, just walk to!) This music will continue as each of your attendants walk down the aisle. As the bride begins her walk down the aisle, the music changes again.


Ceremony: Some ceremonies are held without music; others feature a soloist, duet, or just a favorite song—whatever you like.

 The Recessional: Marking the end of the ceremony, the recessional music is played as the wedding party—and the new husband and wife—leave the ceremony.

The Postlude: As the guests begin to leave, the music turns to the postlude, a background music similar to prelude music.


2 comments on “Quick Guide to Wedding Ceremony Music

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