14 comments on “Red & Black Wedding Cake

  1. Doesn’t look very profesional. Should have made a stencil and either beeen more careful about placement, or just airbrushed so the bones would be identical.

  2. That cake is interesting and unusual. Quite beautiful actually. I am getting married in two months and i might want that cake. I’ll hit you up.

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    • Your dress doesn’t have to match your cake. Its funny everyone thinks its great. It cracks me up! Don’t be so rude, Weddings are for you to express yourself and have everything YOU want. I see the all powder blue colors and all that pink and I GAG, but I am not about to be rude to someone. My colors are black, red, and a cold blue. My dress is white.

    • it fits thir style, not everyone likes a traditional white wedding cake, and whats wrong with a wedding dress that has black in it????

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