Flowers & Their Meaning

The Wedding Planner Ireland advises: What do your wedding flowers say about your passion? Check out these special flower meanings:

Apple Blossom - Promise
Baby's Breath - Innocence
Bellflower - Constant love
Calla Lilly - Magnificent beauty
Camellia - Perfect loveliness
Carnation (red) - Love
Daffodil - You are the only one, 
Daisy - Share your feelings
Datura -  I dream of thee
Freesia - Innocence
Gardenia - Purity, joy
Hibiscus - Delicate beauty
Honeysuckle - Generous and devoted affection
Hydrangea - Understanding
Johnny-jump-up - Tender and pleasant thoughts
Lemon Balm Sympathetic
Lily - Truth, honor
Lily of The Valley - Happiness
Magnolia - Love of nature
Marigold - Sacred affections
Mint - Virtue
Morning Glory - Affection
Myrtle - Love and marriage
Oak-leaved Geranium - True friendship
Orange Blossoms - Your purity equals your loveliness
Orchid - Love, beauty
Pansy - Thoughtfulness
Peony - Bashfulness
Rose - Love, joy, beauty
Snowdrop -Hope
Stephanotis Marital - Happiness
Sweet Alyssum -Worth beyond beauty
Sweet Pea -Pleasure
Tulip Love- passion
Violet -Faithfulness

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