To Do: 2 to 6 Weeks Before Wedding


  • Confirm ceremony details with your celebrant.
  • Arrange final fitting of bridesmaids’ dresses.
  • Have final fitting of your gown and headpiece.
  • Finalise rehearsal dinner plans; arrange seating and write names on place cards, if desired.
  • Make final floral selections.
  • Make a detailed time table for your wedding party and a lot jobs for the day ie. Mary looks after photographer  – call him in the morning and call him if he hasn’t arrived at X by X time.
  • Make a detailed timetable for your service providers.
  • Confirm details with all service providers, including attire.
  • Start packing for your honeymoon.
  • Contact guests who haven’t responded.
  • Pick up rings and check for fit.
  • Meet with photographer and confirm special photos you want.
  • Meet with videographer and confirm special events or people you want videotaped.
  • Meet with musicians and confirm play list and music to be played such as first dance.
  • Continue writing thank-you notes as gifts arrive.
  • Remind bridesmaids and ushers of when and where to pick up their wedding attire.
  • Plan reception room layout and seating with your reception co-ordinator or caterer. Write names on place cards for arranged seating.
  • If you haven’t been having regular facials have one now – do not leave till week of wedding as it can bring out blemishes.
  • Order currency and travellers cheques.

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