Fun Christmas Cards prep way for fun Wedding Stationery

wedding-cartoon-sixWe all want to send Christmas cards and wedding stationery with a difference but trying to find something different can be a difficult task. The Cartoon You could be the answer to your Christmas cards worries the season pre your wedding. The Cartoon You, set up by art graduate Paul Flanagan, designs personal cartoon cards for all occasions, including Christmas, wedding invitations and birthday cards.


A few Christmases ago, Paul decided to surprise his family designing a Christmas card featuring ‘cartoons’ of his family members. The card was a sensation so he decided to turn his ‘cartooning’ talent into a professional business. The Cartoon You was born.


For most of us, designing our personal Christmas cards and meet the Christmas post deadline is just not possible: either because of time constraints or because we just lack the skills. Sometimes, grabbing a stack of boring-looking cards in the supermarket seems like the easiest option. However, The Cartoon You allows you to give your Christmas cards that personal touch you were looking for, completely hassle-free.  


This is how it works:


Step 1:


Email Paul for a quote (, including a brief description of what you want for your cartoon: who will be in the picture, what the scenario will be and any special requests.


Step 2:


Email or post a few good photos of who you would like ‘cartooned’, making sure the people to be cartooned are visible in the photograph and that the picture is an accurate representation. Sending a couple of pictures, the artist can double check the likeness, making the final piece as accurate (and fun) as possible.


Step 3:


Paul gets to work on a black and white sketch of the proposed final piece.


Step 4:


Once you sign off the black and white sketch and you are happy with the likeness and cartoon, Paul gets to work on the final coloured image. Once the final coloured image is signed off, the image goes to print.


If you want to check out some of Paul’s work, you can visit For extra information, bookings or if you would like to receive some samples, you can contact Paul on or 0863099229.


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