We want your Ultimate Job in the World video to be creative, fun and watchable!

In your video we want you to promote Ireland abroad as a wedding destination of choice. Think about what Ireland has got to offer that other countries don’t. Why should couples consider Ireland for a wedding?

You also need to express why you are the couple we should send around the world to check out all the exotic and other wonderful destinations RBG has to offer wedding and honeymoon couples.

Your webcast cannot be over 80 seconds in length, so you may need to do some clever editing to get your point across within the time limit.

We do intend to watch all videos uploaded but obviously the most viewed, ranked and voted for will stand out from the crowd so it would be a good idea to get everyone you know to view your video!

How to apply:
The successful applicant will be required to research some of the world’s best wedding and honeymoon locations. Ireland is one the world’s best places to have a wedding and we want to tell the world about it!

To apply you will need to:
Make an 80 second webcast telling us why Ireland is a great destination wedding location and why you, as a couple, are perfect for the job.
Upload your completed webcast to a video sharing site such as YouTube.
In the ‘description’ area on the video sharing site (ie. YouTube) it is important to include; ‘Wedding in Ireland promotion for’.
Feel free to add ‘featuring’ and name the location, people, venues, service providers included (optional).
Then fill out the ‘Apply Now’ here and embed the link of your webcast. If you don’t know how to do this, we have instructions on the Application Form
Alert your family and friends to vote for you so your webcast can rise to the top!

See for more details.



  1. Hi! my boyfriend and I are very interested in applying for the job, but we have a question. Can we apply even not being irish nationals?


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