Don’t have a video camera? – Still apply for Ultimate Job!

I got a query from someone who wants to apply for the Ultimate Job in Ireland by but they don’t have a video camera so this is what I suggested:

Most cameras and phones now have a video recording facility on them. I would recommend asking around your family and friends to see if they have a digital camera you can use. There are free video editing facilities on most computers now too so even a series of photos with a voice over could be very effective. Or even a series of drawings scanned in and pieced together as a video. Recruit your friends and family to help!


4 comments on “Don’t have a video camera? – Still apply for Ultimate Job!

  1. Hi, I’m Brazilian too, but I can’t access the website about the “job”… Do you know what could be happening? tks.

  2. Somos um casal de jornalistas que ainda não teve a tão sonhada lua de mel! Temos uma revista impressa e um site sobre mídia, e gostariamos de saber mais informações.

  3. Hi, I’m brazilian and I just heard about the the “job”, I trying to see the website, but I gues the whole word is doing the same… so, can you, please, tell me the rules to apply? And specially, the dates, cus till now I just find the dat line march 31st (and I still don’t know if it’s to upload the video or if it’s when the contest ends). Can u help, please, please, please??? Thanks!

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