Elizabeth and Claire designs are a perfect fit for Runaway Bride

Irish fashion label teams up with Ultimate Job in Ireland  

Kelly Dress Berry by Elizabeth and Claire

 Dublin fashion label Elizabeth and Claire has teamed up with Runaway Bride and Groom to dress the successful candidate to the Ultimate Job in Ireland before heading off to test luxury wedding and honeymoon destinations across the globe.

 Elizabeth and Claire, the fashion label for professional and business women, will be providing an elegant ‘Going Away’ outfit for the chosen ‘Runaway Bride’. The successful couple will be announced at a Gala Dinner in Ballinacurra House, Kinsale, Co. Cork, on Sunday 9th May, after a Final weekend of tasks and events that will give couples the chance to show why they are the right ones for the Ultimate Job.

 “A ‘going away’ outfit is a must-have for any bride and whoever is chosen our Runaway Bride on 9th May. Elizabeth and Claire’s Spring Summer 2010 is a gorgeous collection, focusing on classic cuts with a chic twist, which makes them the perfect fit for the Ultimate Job successful candidate,” explains Rosemarie Meleady, managing director of Runaway Bride and Groom.

 “We are delighted to be involved with the Ultimate Job in Ireland and its unique candidate selection process,” says Elizabeth Moore, from Elizabeth and Claire. The Irish fashion label combines comfort with elegance, making the designs suitable for many occasions, from professional interviews to public appearances. Since it’s creation in late 2009, Elizabeth and Claire, has gained many fans among Irish public figures, including several politicians and celeb chef Rachel Allen.

 Since The Ultimate Job in Ireland (And Probably the World) was launched in February, www.runawaybrideandgroom.com has received over 300,000 visitors and over 30,000 people from all over the globe wanted to become Ireland’s Runaway Bride and Groom.

 The Top 50 finalists were announced on 10th April and the shortlist included couples from Canada, US, UK, Philippines, Australia, Brazil, Italy, New Zealand, Czech Republic, Poland, China, Germany, Denmark, South Africa, Romania and Ireland.

 The Top 10 candidates to the Ultimate Job were revealed on Thursday 22nd April. To follow the finalists; or book your dream wedding and honeymoon go to www.runawaybrideandgroom.com

 Elizabeth Moore and Claire Doyle are the innovative force behind the luxury brand Elizabeth & Claire. The creative and artistic synergy between the duo is absolutely central to the success of the Elizabeth & Claire brand, bringing a shared sense of inspiration and information that is based around each other’s creativity, imagination and vision.

 The label has been created with a strong, single focus in mind. Elizabeth & Claire is for women who appreciate the true elements of fashion, colour, fabric, proportion and silhouette.

 The aesthetic is balanced and uncomplicated. It focuses on research, technique, pattern cutting and attention to detail, combining to deliver the scale and proportion which emphasise Elizabeth & Claire’s contemporary designs.

 For more information or to see Elizabeth and Claire’s Spring Summer 2010 collection, please visit www.elizabethandclaire.ie

Selecting Your Wedding Jewellery

rings-and-glassFor each particular style of wedding gown, you need to choose particular styles of jewellery. And since you can’t wear your gown into jewellery shops, you will want to wear a top  the same colour as your dress as well as the same neckline.

Starting with the earrings, you need to think about how you are going to wear your hair. If you have a shorter style or you’re looking to pull your hair up for the wedding day, you should pick longer earrings that extend towards your neck.

If you want something simpler, then diamond or rhinestone studs can be equally beautiful.

The neck is the focal point for most brides. If your dress has a lot of detail choose a necklace that’s simple rather than too fussy. Otherwise you will have multiple looks competing with one another and it can create a very confused and scattered look.

For a simple dress with a deep neckline, you should be looking at larger pendants or a more complicated style. Pearls always seem to work, but try on different lengths to make sure that they complement the entire look. And remember, buying pearls for yourself is bad luck so make sure someone else completes the purchase for you!!

What your wedding neck tie says about you!

368179751Green necktie:
Creates an easy balanced ambiance. You can show your sense for harmony and stability. Men wearing green neckties are usually conventional and bounded to traditions and are usually environmentally conscious.

Yellow necktie:
Mostly worn by intelligent men, who like having an authoritive  position. Yellow means being interested in details and having an open spirit. Yellow is the colour of the light. The wearer wants to express his positive and optimistic energy with this colour.

Orange necktie:
Stands for a stimulating colour full with energy. The wearer is enthusiastic and stands for that what he is doing. He loves adventure. Men wearing this colour are open-minded and they like to make someone laugh. They are good at conversation and have a sense of humour.

Red necktie:
This red tie wearer is full of energy. He is an extrovert and wants to advance. Red wants to be the eye-catcher, it could be that you express a passion and a way of ruthless power. Red neckties are mostly worn by people who like action and drama. Red stands for a strong sexuality.

Turquoise necktie:
Turquoise neckties are a sign for open-minded, fresh and easily available characters. The colour comforts onlookers  to care for the affairs of its wearer. Turquoise helps clear thinking and helps create free communication. If you are wearing turquoise you probably want to make a young and brilliant impression.

Magenta necktie:
Shows in general dignity and  self-confidence. Wearers tend to be creative, artistic and be spiritually aware.

Claret necktie:
Claret embarrasses assection, love and passion. Because of his relation to red it also stands for a strong sexuality, which is sometimes a little manipulative.

Black necktie:
In our society it usually stands for death, funeral and pain. Sometimes people ,who are against society, wear this colour. The wearer doesn’t want to be in the limelight. Black is often worn by people from the church, the government or by people with influence so that they can show authority and power. Traditionally black is the colour of the mysterical, but it also has a high erotical value. Black is also worn by men who want to appear traditional and respectable.

Brown necktie:
Brown is usually connected with stability and earth. Usually its wearer is a hard working man, who cares for family and friends. Mostly a practical human being. The man ,wearing a brown necktie, is very self-confident and they know how to reach their goals easily and fast.

White necktie:
Stands for a distant attitude. White reflects but also presents innocence and clarity.

Blue necktie:
Blue tie wearers have a high intellectuality and rank in their life. They reflect peace, silence and sometimes loneliness. It is not an agressive colour and those wearing have high values like honesty and honour.

Save Sight, Knot the Dress – Trash Your Wedding Dress for Charity

trash your wedding dress for charity

trash your wedding dress for charity

Forget the acid free paper or the special dry cleaning, it’s time to pull your wedding dress from the back of the wardrobe and get trashed for charity! The Wedding Planner is looking for willing fun loving newly weds to enter a unique wedding dress photo session.

“We’re looking for post wedding girls and couples in Ireland and the UK to jump back into their wedding garb again and put it through the paces – swimming in it, wearing it on horseback, rolling  around the beach in it and generally have great fun, while we have professional photographers click away to record the session,” explains Rosemarie Meleady, The Wedding Planner.

Each participant needs to raise €300 for Sightsavers International. There is a non refundable entry fee of €100 per person to help cover transport, food and other costs of the day. Our Trash the Dress sessions are in aid of the very worthy charity Sightsavers International. It only costs €25 to give one person the gift of sight through a cataract operation, so by sacrificing their dress from the best day of their lives, each bride will be giving 12 people the best day of their lives – the day they have their sight restored. In return, the post-bride will have fabulous unique photos to remember the day by. The husbands too can join in the session.

If you would like to Trash your Dress for Sightsavers, send us an email to info@weddingplanner.ie or visit: http://www.theweddingplanner.ie/knot-the-dress.html

 * Picture courtesy of American ‘Trash the Dress’ photographer Steve Stanton www.stevestantonphotography.com

Fab Wedding Dresses at Great Prices

catherine-jane-dress.jpgThe Wedding Planner advises: Have you always dreamed of wearing a wedding dress by a top designer on your big day, but just can’t justify spending thousands of Euro on a dress you will only wear once? The designer bridal sale may have the answer. Taking place in Tallaght Plaza Hotel, Dublin on the 26th and 27th of April 2008, the event will feature stunning brand new gowns by renowned bridal designers including Alan Hannah, Ian Stuart, Paloma Blanca, David Fielden, Bronte Bridal, Jesus Peiro, Adele Wechsler and others. Gowns originally priced at €1,200-€4,000 will be reduced to €100-€500 with no dress over €500. All of the dresses are brand new and have only been used as stores samples.

The massive reductions offer an opportunity for brides struggling to budget for their big day to wear something really beautiful, made from fine fabrics and with the stunning cut associated with designer gowns. The sale will feature 70 bridal gowns with the majority in sizes 12 or 14, the dresses can easily be altered down up to two sizes. Dresses are sold as seen and as this is a one off event, independently organised there is no return. The sale will also feature a range of designer bridal accessories including shoes by Filippa Scott, Rainbow Club and Paradox, tiara’s, veils and jewellery with all accessories only €25.

Full details and images of some of the dresses on sale at www.irishbridalsale.com

Date and venue: Tallaght Plaza Hotel, Dublin from 11am-5pm on Saturday the 26th and Sunday the 27th of April. 

The dress featured here is a Catherine Jane (style 424) Size 14,  silk gown with straps hand applied applicque on bodice with aline skirt and train. It was €1150  Now € 100

Keeping Your Wedding Dress Size

When it bad-flowers.jpgcomes to staying in shape, you

need to think of a few things before weighing yourself constantly. First of all, your health is number one at this time. You are under a lot of pressure, so you need to make sure that your body is able to handle it well.
To do this, you will want to find some way to incorporate exercise into your life. Even if it’s just fifteen minutes a day, you need to walk, run, bike, whatever.

Exercise creates stress resistance. You’ve heard the expression of blowing off steam by going out for a run, well it works. Not only are you creating a great distraction for your body and mind, but you’re also strengthening your body for any added pressure.

Of course, burning calories is always a positive!

Watching the Nibbles

Mindlessly nibbling is the quickest way to gain weight. And even though you don’t have the time to prepare the healthiest of meals, you may want to consider healthier choices.

When you’re having your fittings for your wedding dress, you will want to be honest about what you can wear. Just because you want to wear a size 10 dress doesn’t mean that your size 16 body is going to magically shrink to accommodate you. Be realistic about what you’re going to be able to wear and tell the person who is altering the dress if something is too tight. You don’t want to be uncomfortable on your big day.

Wedding Shoes – Big feet, little feet

shoes.jpg‘Sorry we don’t have that size.’ If you are outside the normal shoe size range you’ve probably heard this more than once while shopping for your wedding shoes.
Most shoe shops sell from size 3 to a size 8 (UK size). If you fall outside this category the choice gets limited and in some areas is non-existent.  

A size 1 to 2 is the equivalent of a 6-8 year old shoe size.  Most shops direct women of this size to the children’s section but at your age you are probably not looking for a sandal or welly with a Barbie motif. 

There are only three to four manufacturers of small size shoes in the world.  They are based in Italy and Spain.  If you are a size two you are more likely to get your size in a small boutique as these generally sell Italian and/or Spanish shoes. 

Roughly 3% of women in Ireland are over a size 8 in shoes.  Many women with feet over a size 8 tend to wear runners or men’s shoes and will dress down in trousers with wide legs to hide their horrible choice of shoes. 
Women with small or large feet often buy shoes first and then the outfit to go with them as its impossible to do it the other way around.


Gina Hennessy set up Cinderella Shoes after she spent a number of years researching and sourcing large shoe stockist around the world.  She is a size 9 herself and could never find shoes to fit. She stocks elegant shoes in size range 8 ½ to 12 in narrow and wide fittings and has showrooms in Tullamore, Co Offaly. Customers register with Cinderella Shoes and if there are a number of people in one area she will take a road show there. http://www.cinderellashoes.ie


Dainty Shoes was set up in 1999.  All of the shoes are handmade Italian or Spanish.  Mail order is available.  Shoes will be delivered within the week and there is a straightforward return policy.  http://www.womens-small-shoes.com


Small Shoes stock from size 1 to size 3.  Small Shoes are based in the UK and delivery takes a few days and they have an easy return policy. There is a currency converter on the site from sterling to euro.  http://www.small-shoes.co.uk.

Here Comes the Veil

table-arrangement.jpgWhile many modern brides are opting to not have a veil, they still remain a mainstay for wedding attire. Veils today can come with rhinestones and tiaras built in and can make a dramatic statement as the bride enters the church.What you want to keep in mind though is that the more complicated the veil, the less you want to do for your jewellery.It’s another case of the competing looks and balancing the overall effect of the details. You don’t want to have so many things going on that people forget to look at your face.The best advice is to find one feature or one accessory that you love and make that the most complicated thing that you wear.Whether it’s a tiara or lovely diamond earrings, choose only one. Your pictures will thank you.