Pink and Orange Wedding

I recently coordinated a marquee wedding in Ireland for a couple in Wexford, Ireland. The bride wanted a funky wedding but still have the classy look and suggested a pink and orange colour scheme. We went for shot silk fuchsia pink table cloths and sashes on white chair covers and white linen napkins. The orange was introduced through tissue paper lining in the giant martini glasses that held the predominantly orange exotic flowers. We cooled the colours with a green carpet in the main reception area, but had fuchsia pink carpet in the entrance lounge with low orange seating and light boxes as tables. Outside we had high pod tables with alternating spandex orange and pink covers and an arch of pink and orange flowers. It definately had the desired wow factor!

Decorating the Bride’s Home

The Wedding Planner advises: spring-flower-arrangement.jpgEngagement parties, rehearsal dinners and the week up to the wedding can often be a time for constant visitors to the bride’s home. Flower arrangements  can  be a way of making the house appear that bit more special for the celebrations ahead.Rather than order in arrangements making your own for your home can be an enjoyable way of saving some money.

White is typically the presiding colour for wedding  celebrations. You should start with basic white flowers and add a few accents that complement the surrounding decor. Large leafy green pieces add a nice contrast to delicate buds for table centerpieces, and sometimes simplicity is the best aesthetic tactic. If you are making centerpieces for several tables, you can purchase your flowers in bulk and use one design over and over again, or you can make each piece an individual work of art.For vase arrangements, choose your container first, and pick flowers that are the correct height for the vase. When you cut your flowers, be sure to cut the stems at an angle so they can absorb water correctly and stay fresh for a long time. Vase arrangements require a focal point, and this can be one large flower or a grouping of several. It is important to choose a color scheme and to stick with it. For instance, you would not want to mix red and pink roses, or to combine yellow daisies with died green carnations. Make sure you choose flowers that look and smell good in combination with each other, and fill in the gaps with baby’s breath and leafy greenery.

When you are making larger potted flower arrangements, an aesthetically pleasing plant is a great base for your design.
If you are using only flowers, you will need a piece of arranging foam to provide a structure for the piece.
Green foam can be purchased at most craft shops, and it can be cut to fit any shape you need. The foam is soaked in water over night, this not only keeps a water supply going to your flowers but also adds weight to help counter the arrangement becoming top heavy and falling over.
Before you start sticking in your stems, you might sketch out an idea of the final product. If the arrangement is to be large, pick a few large flowers to act as focal points rather than picking a multitude of tiny blooms. Too many small flowers distract the eye and make the arrangement seem busy rather than soothing.Once you have chosen all of your flowers and greenery, begin arranging them in the container. It will take several tries and lots of adjusting before your create a finished product, but be confident and do what looks best. Arranging flowers is an intuitive art, and if you have chosen a good colour scheme and a variety of shapes and sizes, the correct eye-pleasing concoction will often fall into place with little effort.

Going back in time: Plan a Renaissance Period Wedding

Creating the scene

The first thing that helps a renaissance themed wedding is the actual setting. If there is an older church that you can agree upon, it’s best to start there. The renaissance was a time where people were closer to nature, so incorporating something outdoors might be nice.You could decorate the area with a lot of simple bunches of flowers. Think of the times as simpler and you’re sure to find even more ideas. Ribbons were popular decorations . Tie to pews or to chairs – but use fabric ribbon not florist ribbon. Your wedding party attire will also make an impression. The bride may want to wear something long and flowing with bell sleeves and an intricate bodice. Anything that looks like a corset is perfect, though they’re much more comfortable 

(This dress is from

The groom is a little trickier as many men don’t want to wear leggings or tights! However a luxurious coat with a thick brocade pattern might be the perfect way to show his dedication to the theme. Bridesmaids and groomsmen can have different colored versions of the outfits.

You might also want to ask your guests to come in similar attire. Just be sure to give details of costume hire shops that you have checked out on the invitation. A renaissance love poem will help set the theme on your invitation which could be sealed with wax and your new monogram.

All in the details

The ceremony can have a more nature-oriented theme as well. This can include lighting plenty of candles, and attach sprigs of lavender or some other fragrant herb in the napkin ring. Have traditional Celtic or medieval musicians play for the reception.

Add a feast of roasted pig or lamb and plenty of wine or mead served in pewter goblets and you’re well on your way to a renaissance themed wedding.

Themed weddings are all about the details. Do some research and find some that work for you.

Memory ideas

 A picture is worth…An interesting way to decorate the guests’ tables is to place a piece of clear plastic on top of the table cloth, but before doing that, you’re going to spend a little time with your photo album. You can find photos of particular guests and place them on the table. Not only does this show some of their memories, but it also shows that you were thinking of them personally as you decorated the table. The plastic will protect the pictures from being harmed. Of course, you can also make digital copies of the pictures and use those as decorations too. If the guest wants to bring them home, then you can help them do so.Next slideAnother way that couples are decorating their reception with love and memories is to play a video or a slide show of themselves with their relatives and loved ones. When set to music, this can be a stirring reminder of those that have been lost and those that may have been forgotten.You can show this on a wall that everyone can see as they’re waiting for dinner, or even as dinner is served. And it doesn’t have to be perfect or even have an explanation as to who is who.
It can just show the pictures of the new couple as they grew up, as they first met, and when they were engaged. Personalize your wedding and your guests will fall under the spell.
The wedding day is your day, but the reception is really for the people that have come to celebrate you, so why not celebrate them a little too?