Ain’t No Tower High Enough!

As far as Derbyshire newlyweds Mark and Lena Brailsford are concerned, there ain’t no church tower high enough and ain’t no river wide enough that could keep them from getting to each other on their wedding day .

Outdoors enthusiasts Mark and Lena wanted to make their way to the service in unusual fashion, and they certainly achieved that: Mark abseiled down the tower of St Mary’s Church in Cromford and Lena paddled a canoe along the River Derwent!

Bride Lena said: “We wanted to start our journey to each other in a way that reflected us both at our happiest.”

Lena even pulled off the tradition of wearing something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue despite the added pressure of her unconventional travel plans. Special hooks were fitted to her wedding dress to hitch it up from the water and she wore a waterproof cape and purple – not blue – biker boots.

Presumably, she wore blue socks.

Cutting Wedding Costs

DIY isn\'t always the best choice!DIY isn’t always the best choice!

Brides often ask me what are the best areas to cut wedding costs without losing impact. I recommend that brides define what aspects are most important to making their day like the one they dreamed. For some it is the flowers, others it is the music.  Those are the things where you should put the most effort and budget into and be willing to compromise on the other elements. You’d be surprised as to what your guests “see” and what your “vision” might be. In many cases, they are totally different.

Items such as impractical favors, disposable cameras, expensive menu cards and table frames and champagne are some of the main ways couples clock up their budget and it is these items you could save on.  These are the things that people will remember the most.