Royal Honeymoon Poll Result!

Greece 46% Poll result: Greece 46% / Libya 5%

These were the results of our online poll of where Will and Kate should spend their honeymoon after their royal wedding on 29th April.

A yacht in Greece because of the privacy it offered got 46% of the vote of the engaged couples polled. Mauritius for its amazing beaches got 17%, a safari in South Africa scored 16% and Ireland for the Guinness scored 14%. The two final destinations suggested got surprising results, with ‘Libya for the hell of it’ scoring 5%, which was 4% more than the 1% Wales (for the good PR value) received.

“Lots of couples have travelled or holidayed together before they get married, so they often come to us looking for something adventurous and different to make their honeymoon really memorable, but I think a honeymoon to a war zone would be an adventure too far!”, says Rosemarie Meleady wedding planner and MD of

“Most couples love the idea of somewhere private and secluded where they can be without interruption, so I am not surprised the yacht and Mauritius scored highly,” says Rosemarie.

For their honeymoon in 1981, Prince Charles and Princess Diana caught the train to Romsey in Hampshire where they stayed at Broadlands, the family home of Prince Philip’s family, the Mountbattens.

The second part of their honeymoon was spent on board the royal yacht Britannia, cruising for two weeks to Algeria, Tunisia, Sicily, the Greek islands and Egypt. Finally, they flew back to Scotland, where they spent time with the royal family in Balmoral. Their honeymoon officially ending three months after their wedding.

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Beach Wedding in Zanzibar

Zanzibar is such an exotic location.  It has some really beautiful, sexy locations for beach weddings and spectacular honeymoons. Runaway Bride and Groom sent the Honeymoon Testers over to test some of the venues and resorts we have on offer. Here’s their video report:

Please do contact us if you would like to honeymoon or have a romantic break at this exotic location:

Honeymoon in Kenya

One of the first locations Runaway Bride and Groom sent the Honeymoon Testers was on safari in Kenya.  We organise lots of great honeymoons, romantic trips and destination weddings  to Kenya and South Africa as it is one of our favourite parts of the world. So please do contact us should you be considering it as an option for your wedding or honeymoon.

Here’s how our honeymoon testers got on:

You can read their reviews and see some more of their vlogs on

Elizabeth and Claire designs are a perfect fit for Runaway Bride

Irish fashion label teams up with Ultimate Job in Ireland  

Kelly Dress Berry by Elizabeth and Claire

 Dublin fashion label Elizabeth and Claire has teamed up with Runaway Bride and Groom to dress the successful candidate to the Ultimate Job in Ireland before heading off to test luxury wedding and honeymoon destinations across the globe.

 Elizabeth and Claire, the fashion label for professional and business women, will be providing an elegant ‘Going Away’ outfit for the chosen ‘Runaway Bride’. The successful couple will be announced at a Gala Dinner in Ballinacurra House, Kinsale, Co. Cork, on Sunday 9th May, after a Final weekend of tasks and events that will give couples the chance to show why they are the right ones for the Ultimate Job.

 “A ‘going away’ outfit is a must-have for any bride and whoever is chosen our Runaway Bride on 9th May. Elizabeth and Claire’s Spring Summer 2010 is a gorgeous collection, focusing on classic cuts with a chic twist, which makes them the perfect fit for the Ultimate Job successful candidate,” explains Rosemarie Meleady, managing director of Runaway Bride and Groom.

 “We are delighted to be involved with the Ultimate Job in Ireland and its unique candidate selection process,” says Elizabeth Moore, from Elizabeth and Claire. The Irish fashion label combines comfort with elegance, making the designs suitable for many occasions, from professional interviews to public appearances. Since it’s creation in late 2009, Elizabeth and Claire, has gained many fans among Irish public figures, including several politicians and celeb chef Rachel Allen.

 Since The Ultimate Job in Ireland (And Probably the World) was launched in February, has received over 300,000 visitors and over 30,000 people from all over the globe wanted to become Ireland’s Runaway Bride and Groom.

 The Top 50 finalists were announced on 10th April and the shortlist included couples from Canada, US, UK, Philippines, Australia, Brazil, Italy, New Zealand, Czech Republic, Poland, China, Germany, Denmark, South Africa, Romania and Ireland.

 The Top 10 candidates to the Ultimate Job were revealed on Thursday 22nd April. To follow the finalists; or book your dream wedding and honeymoon go to

 Elizabeth Moore and Claire Doyle are the innovative force behind the luxury brand Elizabeth & Claire. The creative and artistic synergy between the duo is absolutely central to the success of the Elizabeth & Claire brand, bringing a shared sense of inspiration and information that is based around each other’s creativity, imagination and vision.

 The label has been created with a strong, single focus in mind. Elizabeth & Claire is for women who appreciate the true elements of fashion, colour, fabric, proportion and silhouette.

 The aesthetic is balanced and uncomplicated. It focuses on research, technique, pattern cutting and attention to detail, combining to deliver the scale and proportion which emphasise Elizabeth & Claire’s contemporary designs.

 For more information or to see Elizabeth and Claire’s Spring Summer 2010 collection, please visit

Top 10 candidates to Ultimate Job in Ireland revealed!

the ultimate job in IrelandGalway couple David Mottershead, a cameraman from South Africa, and Daniela Gross, a Brazilian journalist, were the first candidates to make it through to the Top 10 candidates to the Ultimate Job in Ireland, thanks to public voting.

Now nine additional couples, selected by the Runaway Bride and Groom judges, will join David and Daniela in the final stage of the selection process:

Kerri Mc Guinness and Matt Chapman – USA/Ireland (Kildare)

Tara Sparling and Mark Kelly – Ireland (Clare/Dublin)

Deirdre Morissey and Rory Moran – Ireland (Waterford/Carlow)

Denise and Mark Duffield Thomas – Australia/UK

Brendan Powell and Melanie Piche – Toronto, Canada

Allan Mulrooney and Niamh O’Connor- Ireland (Sligo)

Tim and Lauren Oliphant – USA

David Gilbert and Nina Cait Twihog – Ireland (Wexford/Cork)

Lizzie Kinross and Ed Sherwood – UK

The successful couple will be announced on Sunday 9th May at a Gala dinner in a secret location in Ireland, following a weekend of tasks where the judges will get to know the final 10 candidates.

Since The Ultimate Job in Ireland (And Probably the World) was launched in February, the website has received over 300,000 visitors and over 30,000 people from all over the globe wanted to become Ireland’s Runaway Bride and Groom.

To follow the Top 10 finalists or book your dream wedding and honeymoon go to

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Top 50 candidates revealed!

The names and countries of the top 50 candidates to the Ultimate Job in Ireland – and probably the world, organised by and The Irish Times, have been revealed.

Since The Ultimate Job in Ireland (And Probably the World) was launched in February, the website has received over 250,000 visitors and over 30,000 people from all over the globe wanted to become Ireland’s Runaway Bride and Groom.

The Ultimate Job in Ireland team received applications from Ireland, Moldova, Sudan, Nepal Romania, Kosovo, Serbia, Croatia, Australia, UK, Scotland, USA, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Canada, South Africa, China, Korea, Taiwan, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, Japan, Iceland, Malaysia, Sweden, Mexico, India, Turkey, Brazil, Albania, Macedonia, Greece, Slovenia, India, Saudi Arabia, Montenegro, Bosnia H., Cyprus, Spain, Malta, Cape Verde, Israel, Czech Republic, Norway, France, Dubai, Portugal, Singapore, Denmark, New Zealand, Poland, Ecuador, Jamaica, Malaysia, Columbia, Indonesia, Iceland, Maldives, Pakistan, Luxemburg, Philippines, Bolivia, Trinidad, Jordan, France, Estonia, Hungary, St Martin French West Indie, Bulgaria, Finland, Thailand – all telling the judges why they think Ireland would make a great wedding destination.

“We are amazed by the quality of the entries. Unfortunately, we had to narrow it down to 50, in our quest to find the perfect couple for the Ultimate Job in Ireland,” says Rosemarie Meleady, managing director of Runaway Bride and Groom.

Public voting for the 50 finalists will be open until midnight (Irish time) 17th April 2010.
Go to to vote for your favourite!

Top 50 Applicants:

Adam West, Ireland
Aisling Keenan, Ireland
Allan Niamh Mulrooney-O’Connor, Ireland
Annie Griswold, USA
Brendan Powell, Canada
Carey Paris, USA
Charlie O’Donoghue, Ireland
Chris Edmed, UK
Ciara McAree, Ireland
Claudia Ma, Italy
Creona O’Connor, Ireland
Daniella Cambouroglou, UK/Greece
Dave Mottershead, South Africa/Brazil
David Gilbert, Ireland
Deborah Waugh, Ireland/New Zealand
Deirdre Cussen, Ireland
Deirdre Morrissey, Ireland
Deirdre Ryan, Ireland
Denise Duffield Thomas, UK/Australia
Denise O Riordan, Ireland
Edith Kwiatkowska, Poland
Elaine Mackenzie-Smith, Ireland
Elizabeth & Ray Maynez, USA
Filly Gaines, USA
Greg and Sarah Amidon, USA
Guo Yi & Jean Gagnon, China/Canada
Ian Taylor, Ireland
Keith Clinansmith, Canada
Kerri Mc Guinnes, USA
Laura Kavanagh, Ireland/UK
Leticia Torgo, Brazil
Lizzie Kinross, UK/Ireland
Lukas Manka, Czech Republic/USA
Luke Owens, Ireland/Germany
Mark & Hazel Esguerra, Philipines
Mary Jane Webberley, Ireland
Oonagh & Danny good/Denton, Ireland
Phylecia Sutherland, USA/UK
Rachel O Connell, Ireland
Rachel Wegner, USA
Sara Schousboe, Germany/Denmark/USA
Scot Witman, USA
Seth & Jenny, USA
Silvia Bonichini, Italy
Sinead Gillett, Ireland
Stephen Fullerton, Northern Ireland
Tara Sparlin, Ireland
Tim Oliphant, USA
Tudor Buzie, Romania
Valerie Hourigan, Ireland

Wedding In Cuba

wedding in cubaThe largest island in the Caribbean, historical favourite of hedonists and thrill-seekers, Cuba is beautiful, passionate and never less than fascinating. As the last bastion of world communism, this land of elegant towns and stunning beaches has achieved something of a cult status with travellers, writers and musicians, paying homage to its beauty and resilience. Cuba is truly unique, a quality few countries can lay claim to. It has top all inclusive resorts so you can enjoy pampering and beautiful beach front views during your honeymoon.

You will need a 10 year valid passport, Decree of Absolute if you are devorced, birth certs, return tickets. You will need to spend at least 7 days on the island, after 5 working days you can get married there (Mon- Saturday) subject ot availability. We can also arrange a videographer, make up artist and photographer.

If you book your wedding this month, an all inclusive resort for 7 days flying from Gatwich on October 11 2009 including a civil ceremony, will cost less than £2200 for the 2 of you.




Take a visit to Mansion Xanadu for a sunset cocktail. Built in the 1930s by the American millionaire Irene Dupont, this lavish art-deco mansion offers a glimpse of the opulent lifestyles enjoyed before the revolution.

To Do: 2 to 6 Weeks Before Wedding


  • Confirm ceremony details with your celebrant.
  • Arrange final fitting of bridesmaids’ dresses.
  • Have final fitting of your gown and headpiece.
  • Finalise rehearsal dinner plans; arrange seating and write names on place cards, if desired.
  • Make final floral selections.
  • Make a detailed time table for your wedding party and a lot jobs for the day ie. Mary looks after photographer  – call him in the morning and call him if he hasn’t arrived at X by X time.
  • Make a detailed timetable for your service providers.
  • Confirm details with all service providers, including attire.
  • Start packing for your honeymoon.
  • Contact guests who haven’t responded.
  • Pick up rings and check for fit.
  • Meet with photographer and confirm special photos you want.
  • Meet with videographer and confirm special events or people you want videotaped.
  • Meet with musicians and confirm play list and music to be played such as first dance.
  • Continue writing thank-you notes as gifts arrive.
  • Remind bridesmaids and ushers of when and where to pick up their wedding attire.
  • Plan reception room layout and seating with your reception co-ordinator or caterer. Write names on place cards for arranged seating.
  • If you haven’t been having regular facials have one now – do not leave till week of wedding as it can bring out blemishes.
  • Order currency and travellers cheques.