How to be a special bridesmaid


As a bridesmaid, it’s your duty to help the bride with the wedding. After all, you wouldn’t be a bridesmaid if she weren’t someone who means a great deal to you (and vice versa), so why not let her know it? Here are a couple of extra-special, go-the-distance ways to show her how happy you are to be part of the wedding:

Do a countdown to the big day. Leave fun, stress-busting little reminders of how many days are left until she’s married (an aromatherapy candle, a mini wooden back massager, etc.) where she’ll stumble across them.

Send guests postcards addressed to the bride. Attach a letter asking them to shower her with love the week of the wedding – she’ll be treated to a mailbox full of poetry, marital advice, and good wishes.

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Wedding Abroad – Certificate of Freedom?

The Wedding Planner in Ireland answers your questions:  I’m getting married abroad and I have been requested to get a Certificates of Nulla Osta – What is this and where do I get it in Ireland?

A Certificate of Freedom to marry (also known as ‘Civil Letters of Freedom’, “Certificates de Coutume” or “Certificates of Nulla Osta”) which states that a person is not married, may be needed for marriage in some foreign countries. Irish citizens living in Ireland wishing to obtain such a Certificate should apply to the Consular Section of the Department of Foreign Affairs, 72/76 St. Stephen’s Green, Dublin 2, Tel.: (01) 4082568. Irish Citizens living abroad should contact their nearest Irish Embassy.  Apply for it as soon as you have your wedding date set and allow plenty of time for them to respond.

Wedding Ring Tip

Wedding Planner Ireland Tip: During the summer months skin often swells up, and people may have trouble with the fit of the rings. I tell brides to put a little bit of lotion on their finger before they walk down the aisle.

The How To Avoid Make up on Wedding Dress Trick

A Wedding Planner Tip: You’ve just spent a mint to get your hair and makeup done, and now you have to magically get into a white dress without ruining your hair or getting makeup all over the dress. Grab a towel. If you throw a towel over your head before sliding your dress over you will keep your makeup and hair from getting messed up and protect your dress.

Tips to Relax on Your Wedding Day

The Wedding Planner Ireland advises:

pamper-relax.jpgThe unfortunate part of getting married is that you will be pulled in many different directions on and leading up to the day. Not only will the planning seem to take up your free time, but family member may feel that they need to put in their two cents as well. The combination can be torture. 

But since you’ve gotten to the actual wedding day without major damage, why not have a little fun? For the women, have a little champagne at the salon when you get your hair done. Joke with your friends and laugh. This is supposed to be a joyful and fun time.And really, anything that you would need to do at this point will be taken care of by someone else. You just need to get dressed and to the church. 

And for the men, why not spend the morning at the golf course with some of your groomsmen? This is the perfect time for you to kick back before you have to get ready. Since getting ready won’t be nearly as complicated as your soon-to-bride, why not sleep in too? 

Smile as much as you can. Just the act of smiling triggers a reaction in your brain to relax.  A lot of letting you relax on your wedding day does come down to good planning. If you’ve delegated and thought of everything, there’s no need to worry and you can enjoy the moments as they come. 

If something should go wrong (and honestly, something will), don’t worry too much about it. Your wedding party and family will want to make sure everything goes smoothly, so if something should happen, enlist one of them to take care of the problem. 

This is your wedding day and you want to look happy in your pictures, rather than relieved. Take some time for yourself on the actual day. You can either step out of the room for a moment, or just sit down with a book for a few minutes.

Middle Ages Wedding Dances

The Wedding Planner in Ireland advises: If you decide to perform any dances from the Middle Ages at your wedding, you will notice that partners’ hands never touch palm to palm. This was considered a sensuous act at the time, as the mixture of a man and woman’s sweat was considered an aphrodisiac.

Turn your reception into a silver screen spectacular when you take to the dance floor like Cate Blanchett in Elizabeth for a lively rendition of La Volta. The dance was deemed risqué during its time, as partners actually danced facing each other, with the man lustily lifting his partner in the air three times. For a slightly less vigorous workout, try the Moresca, which was seen in the 1969 romance classic Romeo and Juliet.romeo_and_juliet-frank_dicksee.jpg