Re-Marrying in Ireland if you were Previously Married

The Wedding Planner in Ireland thinks the best way to give you this information is to give you the official line from the horses mouth! (ie. The Wedding Planner doesn’t have a horses mouth we’re talking about relevant Irish government department!).

coupleRe-marriage of persons who have been previously married:

If either party has been married previously, it is necessary for that party to produce either a Divorce Decree (Absolute) or a Death Certificate, as appropriate.

If either of the parties to a proposed marriage were previously married this fact should be brought to the attention of the Registrar of Marriages at the time that the written notification to marry is being given by the parties to the proposed marriage.

In the case of a divorce granted by a Court of another State the following procedure applies. If the Divorce Decree is in a foreign language, an English translation of the Divorce should be provided, duly certified by a relevant official body or recognised translation agency. In the case of a foreign divorce, consideration is given to the question of whether the divorce is recognisable under Irish law. In this regard certain information as to place of birth, countries of residence and other relevant facts must be supplied on a questionnaire provided by the Registrar. The information is then forwarded to the General Register Office, whose consent must be obtained before the ceremony can take place.

In the case of a divorce granted by the Irish Court the Court decree in relation to the divorce should be presented to the appropriate Registrar of marriages at the point in time when the written notification of intention to marry is being given by both parties.

It should be noted that a distinction exists between nullity, separation and divorce and the broad distinctions are outlined below:

  • if no valid marriage existed in the first instance a decree of nullity may be sought from the Irish Courts – a civil decree of nullity means that the first marriage had no legal effect and the parties concerned are free, in civil law, to marry.
  • If a valid marriage is in place and a couple separate (by judicial means or by agreement) re-marriage of the parties concerned is not permitted;
  • If the parties to a valid marriage subsequently divorce (and this divorce is recognised by this State) the parties concerned may re-marry in civil law.

The procedures involved in seeking decrees of nullity, separations or divorces are a matter for the appropriate Courts and Registrars of Marriage do not have any function in regard to those procedures. Contact should be made directly with the appropriate Courts Offices.

It should be noted that an annulment granted by the authorities of the Roman Catholic Church does not have any effect in civil law and persons who have obtained a church annulment only are not free to remarry in civil law.

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Wedding RSVPs Tip

Sometimes in their haste to return their reply card for your wedding, a guest will forget to fill in their name. This leaves you stuck with the headache of trying to figure out which person that particular card belongs to.

sealTo remedy this, assign a number to each guest and then write that number on the lower corner of the back of the corresponding reply card before you mail out your invitations. Then, if you receive a card sans identifying information, you’ll be able to figure out which guest it belongs to quickly. I’ve always hated how tacky and conspicuous even the smallest numbers look when written in pencil or pen, so I recommend using an invisible ink or black light pen so as not to detract from the look of your invitations.

Fun Christmas Cards prep way for fun Wedding Stationery

wedding-cartoon-sixWe all want to send Christmas cards and wedding stationery with a difference but trying to find something different can be a difficult task. The Cartoon You could be the answer to your Christmas cards worries the season pre your wedding. The Cartoon You, set up by art graduate Paul Flanagan, designs personal cartoon cards for all occasions, including Christmas, wedding invitations and birthday cards.


A few Christmases ago, Paul decided to surprise his family designing a Christmas card featuring ‘cartoons’ of his family members. The card was a sensation so he decided to turn his ‘cartooning’ talent into a professional business. The Cartoon You was born.


For most of us, designing our personal Christmas cards and meet the Christmas post deadline is just not possible: either because of time constraints or because we just lack the skills. Sometimes, grabbing a stack of boring-looking cards in the supermarket seems like the easiest option. However, The Cartoon You allows you to give your Christmas cards that personal touch you were looking for, completely hassle-free.  


This is how it works:


Step 1:


Email Paul for a quote (, including a brief description of what you want for your cartoon: who will be in the picture, what the scenario will be and any special requests.


Step 2:


Email or post a few good photos of who you would like ‘cartooned’, making sure the people to be cartooned are visible in the photograph and that the picture is an accurate representation. Sending a couple of pictures, the artist can double check the likeness, making the final piece as accurate (and fun) as possible.


Step 3:


Paul gets to work on a black and white sketch of the proposed final piece.


Step 4:


Once you sign off the black and white sketch and you are happy with the likeness and cartoon, Paul gets to work on the final coloured image. Once the final coloured image is signed off, the image goes to print.


If you want to check out some of Paul’s work, you can visit For extra information, bookings or if you would like to receive some samples, you can contact Paul on or 0863099229.

How to be a special bridesmaid


As a bridesmaid, it’s your duty to help the bride with the wedding. After all, you wouldn’t be a bridesmaid if she weren’t someone who means a great deal to you (and vice versa), so why not let her know it? Here are a couple of extra-special, go-the-distance ways to show her how happy you are to be part of the wedding:

Do a countdown to the big day. Leave fun, stress-busting little reminders of how many days are left until she’s married (an aromatherapy candle, a mini wooden back massager, etc.) where she’ll stumble across them.

Send guests postcards addressed to the bride. Attach a letter asking them to shower her with love the week of the wedding – she’ll be treated to a mailbox full of poetry, marital advice, and good wishes.

Please feel free to add any additional ideas to this post!




Wedding Guests’ Bellies!

The Wedding Planner Ireland advises: Between getting ready and travelling to the ceremony, guests often don’t have time for lunch so by the time the service is over they are so hungry that they can’t enjoy themselves. They then have to wait until the photography is over which adds to tummy rumbles. Arriving at the reception venue, guests usually have a drink or two, which is not a good idea on an empty stomach!

Solution: Have a variety of filling canapés on arrival at the reception venue, allow three or four for each guest.  This will keep hunger at bay without spoiling their appetite for dinner.

Choosing a hair stylist for your wedding


 The Wedding Planner in Ireland advises: A hair stylist has a unique bond with his or her customers. You entrust one of the first things people see about you -your hair – to a complete stranger and keep your fingers crossed the cut looks right on you. Instead of hoping and praying your cut will look okay bring photographs or magazine clippings so your stylist knows exactly what you want. Before he or she ever picks up a pair of scissors, discuss this decision with the expert to see if your hair can accomplish the daring ‘do.


If you are getting your hair coloured differently than usual for your wedding it is a good idea to try the colour four months before the wedding. Be sure the colourist takes a note of the shades and products used. Sometimes a colour takes time to ‘settle’. It may look too stark or it may look perfect for the first couple of weeks so keep a note of when the colour looks just right and time your colouring for your wedding to coincide with the ‘just right’ timing.

To Do: 2 to 6 Weeks Before Wedding


  • Confirm ceremony details with your celebrant.
  • Arrange final fitting of bridesmaids’ dresses.
  • Have final fitting of your gown and headpiece.
  • Finalise rehearsal dinner plans; arrange seating and write names on place cards, if desired.
  • Make final floral selections.
  • Make a detailed time table for your wedding party and a lot jobs for the day ie. Mary looks after photographer  – call him in the morning and call him if he hasn’t arrived at X by X time.
  • Make a detailed timetable for your service providers.
  • Confirm details with all service providers, including attire.
  • Start packing for your honeymoon.
  • Contact guests who haven’t responded.
  • Pick up rings and check for fit.
  • Meet with photographer and confirm special photos you want.
  • Meet with videographer and confirm special events or people you want videotaped.
  • Meet with musicians and confirm play list and music to be played such as first dance.
  • Continue writing thank-you notes as gifts arrive.
  • Remind bridesmaids and ushers of when and where to pick up their wedding attire.
  • Plan reception room layout and seating with your reception co-ordinator or caterer. Write names on place cards for arranged seating.
  • If you haven’t been having regular facials have one now – do not leave till week of wedding as it can bring out blemishes.
  • Order currency and travellers cheques.

Wedding Ring Tip

Wedding Planner Ireland Tip: During the summer months skin often swells up, and people may have trouble with the fit of the rings. I tell brides to put a little bit of lotion on their finger before they walk down the aisle.

The How To Avoid Make up on Wedding Dress Trick

A Wedding Planner Tip: You’ve just spent a mint to get your hair and makeup done, and now you have to magically get into a white dress without ruining your hair or getting makeup all over the dress. Grab a towel. If you throw a towel over your head before sliding your dress over you will keep your makeup and hair from getting messed up and protect your dress.