Wedding in Mauritius

Mauritius is one of those islands that immediately conjures up images of romantic sunsets, powdry beaches and crystal warm water and that is exactly why it is perfect for your beach wedding and romantic honeymoon.

We sent our honeymoon testers to a couple of our favourite resorts. Here’s a video of their stay at Legends Resort and includes a clip of their beach wedding!

If you are considering a wedding or honeymoon to Mauritus please do contact us at:

Ultimate Job winners looking to break Guinness Record

The Ultimate Job winners, Mark and Denise, also known as The Honeymoon Testers, are in New York to kick off their attempt to break the world record of wedding vow renewals by one couple.

The Ultimate Job, which attracted more than 30,000 applicants from would-be honeymoon testers across the world, began in earnest this week and Tuesday 25th May was Mark and Denise’s first official day as Runaway Bride and Groom’s Honeymoon Testers.

They have 83 vow renewals to beat which must meet a certain criteria set by the Guinness World Records to become the most married couple in the world.

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Top 10 candidates to Ultimate Job in Ireland revealed!

the ultimate job in IrelandGalway couple David Mottershead, a cameraman from South Africa, and Daniela Gross, a Brazilian journalist, were the first candidates to make it through to the Top 10 candidates to the Ultimate Job in Ireland, thanks to public voting.

Now nine additional couples, selected by the Runaway Bride and Groom judges, will join David and Daniela in the final stage of the selection process:

Kerri Mc Guinness and Matt Chapman – USA/Ireland (Kildare)

Tara Sparling and Mark Kelly – Ireland (Clare/Dublin)

Deirdre Morissey and Rory Moran – Ireland (Waterford/Carlow)

Denise and Mark Duffield Thomas – Australia/UK

Brendan Powell and Melanie Piche – Toronto, Canada

Allan Mulrooney and Niamh O’Connor- Ireland (Sligo)

Tim and Lauren Oliphant – USA

David Gilbert and Nina Cait Twihog – Ireland (Wexford/Cork)

Lizzie Kinross and Ed Sherwood – UK

The successful couple will be announced on Sunday 9th May at a Gala dinner in a secret location in Ireland, following a weekend of tasks where the judges will get to know the final 10 candidates.

Since The Ultimate Job in Ireland (And Probably the World) was launched in February, the website has received over 300,000 visitors and over 30,000 people from all over the globe wanted to become Ireland’s Runaway Bride and Groom.

To follow the Top 10 finalists or book your dream wedding and honeymoon go to

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We want your Ultimate Job in the World video to be creative, fun and watchable!

In your video we want you to promote Ireland abroad as a wedding destination of choice. Think about what Ireland has got to offer that other countries don’t. Why should couples consider Ireland for a wedding?

You also need to express why you are the couple we should send around the world to check out all the exotic and other wonderful destinations RBG has to offer wedding and honeymoon couples.

Your webcast cannot be over 80 seconds in length, so you may need to do some clever editing to get your point across within the time limit.

We do intend to watch all videos uploaded but obviously the most viewed, ranked and voted for will stand out from the crowd so it would be a good idea to get everyone you know to view your video!

How to apply:
The successful applicant will be required to research some of the world’s best wedding and honeymoon locations. Ireland is one the world’s best places to have a wedding and we want to tell the world about it!

To apply you will need to:
Make an 80 second webcast telling us why Ireland is a great destination wedding location and why you, as a couple, are perfect for the job.
Upload your completed webcast to a video sharing site such as YouTube.
In the ‘description’ area on the video sharing site (ie. YouTube) it is important to include; ‘Wedding in Ireland promotion for’.
Feel free to add ‘featuring’ and name the location, people, venues, service providers included (optional).
Then fill out the ‘Apply Now’ here and embed the link of your webcast. If you don’t know how to do this, we have instructions on the Application Form
Alert your family and friends to vote for you so your webcast can rise to the top!

See for more details.

I want this job!

Sarah Palin’s Daughter’s Wedding

We all agree 2008 was seriously short of a decent celebrity wedding. That’s why I was so delighted when asked to offer some wedding planning ideas to Sarah Palin’s pregnant teenage daughter Bristol.

We’re recommending  to go with a Russian theme as I’ve heard they practically live in Russia. We’re thinking of lots of vodka for the guests, but not for the bride of course as she’s under age and pregnant so alcohol wouldn’t be recommended for her.

We were thinking of dressing the mother of the bride in an ice queen costume – just because the groom likes ice hockey so much ofcourse.

I’m hoping, that Bristol will have a baby girl so I can get a limited edition of Babuska dolls made with baby first, Bristol next, and Sarah Palin as the cracked outer casing.

Good Luck America!

Wedding Reception Seating Plans

The Wedding Planner Ireland advises:To begin your wedding reception seating plan, you will first need to know how many tables you will set up at your wedding reception, as well as how many chairs will be at each table. To find this out, contact your wedding reception facility and make sure to also ask them for a plan of where the tables will be at your wedding reception.

Although your seating plan should be prepared early, you shouldn’t finalise it until about two weeks prior to the date of your wedding reception.

Some couples suggest that they don’t want to tell their guests where to seat, if it is a very small party, you can skip the seating plan all together however for a formal dinner reception, The Wedding Planner would strongly advise couples to use a seating plan. Your guests should be able to quickly find their seat and with careful planning nobody will be left sitting by themselves!

Seat people with similar interests at the same table. Think of a unique and fun way to identify each table – maybe they are countries you have been together or places you will visit on your honeymoon or maybe after your favourite movies. Think of your shared interests and use these to label your tables.

Seat wedding guest of similar ages together.

Seat family members who don’t see each other often to help them catch up on the latest family matters. You should only seat family members together, if they like each other!

Use place card holders to help your guest find their seats.

Seat an even number of guests at each table.

Place your wedding reception guests who enjoy dancing close to the dance floor.

To avoid possible conflicts, divorced parents should have their own tables. Seat them separately with their respective family members.

Keep small children next to their parents.

Don’t wait until the last minute to decide who should sit at which table. Proper seating is hard work, and it requires careful planning. A site that might help is