Save Sight, Knot the Dress – Trash Your Wedding Dress for Charity

trash your wedding dress for charity

trash your wedding dress for charity

Forget the acid free paper or the special dry cleaning, it’s time to pull your wedding dress from the back of the wardrobe and get trashed for charity! The Wedding Planner is looking for willing fun loving newly weds to enter a unique wedding dress photo session.

“We’re looking for post wedding girls and couples in Ireland and the UK to jump back into their wedding garb again and put it through the paces – swimming in it, wearing it on horseback, rolling  around the beach in it and generally have great fun, while we have professional photographers click away to record the session,” explains Rosemarie Meleady, The Wedding Planner.

Each participant needs to raise €300 for Sightsavers International. There is a non refundable entry fee of €100 per person to help cover transport, food and other costs of the day. Our Trash the Dress sessions are in aid of the very worthy charity Sightsavers International. It only costs €25 to give one person the gift of sight through a cataract operation, so by sacrificing their dress from the best day of their lives, each bride will be giving 12 people the best day of their lives – the day they have their sight restored. In return, the post-bride will have fabulous unique photos to remember the day by. The husbands too can join in the session.

If you would like to Trash your Dress for Sightsavers, send us an email to or visit:

 * Picture courtesy of American ‘Trash the Dress’ photographer Steve Stanton

Ain’t No Tower High Enough!

As far as Derbyshire newlyweds Mark and Lena Brailsford are concerned, there ain’t no church tower high enough and ain’t no river wide enough that could keep them from getting to each other on their wedding day .

Outdoors enthusiasts Mark and Lena wanted to make their way to the service in unusual fashion, and they certainly achieved that: Mark abseiled down the tower of St Mary’s Church in Cromford and Lena paddled a canoe along the River Derwent!

Bride Lena said: “We wanted to start our journey to each other in a way that reflected us both at our happiest.”

Lena even pulled off the tradition of wearing something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue despite the added pressure of her unconventional travel plans. Special hooks were fitted to her wedding dress to hitch it up from the water and she wore a waterproof cape and purple – not blue – biker boots.

Presumably, she wore blue socks.

Out of This World Weddings!

Out of this world weddings


Japanese company First Advantage and American firm Rocketplane have joined efforts to offer the ultimate destination wedding: a ceremony in the space – 100km above Earth.


The ‘space weddings’ will start in 2011 and will cost £1.1million. The ‘Premium plan’ will include the couple and two guests (in addition to the pilot and priest). Also included is a four-day training session for the wedding party, a wedding gown and a party at the spaceport so the couple can broadcast the ceremony – for friends and family who are keeping their feet on the ground.

Medieval Wedding Traditions!

medieval-wedding.jpgThe Wedding Planner Ireland found this: Throughout medieval Europe, whole villages actively took part in courting rituals and wedding festivities, to an extent that would shock us today. Suitors who were frowned upon might be pelted with rotten food and stones, and the hapless couple who went ahead with an unpopular match might be treated to catcalls as they left the church or greeted by young men wearing horns to suggest that the wife would be unfaithful. When a community approved the match, the couple got even less privacy.

After the wedding festivities, neighbours would escort the couple to bed, to the accompaniment of loud music and ribald jokes. Early the next morning, they returned to awaken the couple with more music and revelry.

So thank your gods that some wedding traditions have not been continued!

Movie Wedding Scenes

ladyhawke_flr.jpgThe Wedding Planner Ireland advises: Get in the wedding mood with a quick trip to your video rental shop. Check out these titles for dreamy wedding scenes:

 ° Braveheart ° Camelot ° Dangerous Beauty 0 Robin Hood Prince of Thieves ° Elizabeth ° Ever After ° Excalibur ° First Knight ° Henry V ° King Arthur ° Kingdom of Heaven ° A Knight’s Tale ° Lady Jane ° Ladyhawke ° The Lion In Winter ° The Lord of the Rings trilogy ° The Mists of Avalon ° Much Ado About Nothing ° Orlando ° Othello ° The PrincessBride ° Queen Margot ° Romeo and Juliet ° Shakespeare InLove. And last but not least Shrek!