Bella’s Argyle Jumper Style Wedding Dress

Forget Will and Kate’s wedding, the real wedding of the decade finally took place on our cinema screens last night and the big reveal of ‘The Dress’. Yes Breaking Dawn Part 1 is what all the older Twilighters have been waiting on – Bella’s wedding dress, the reception, the honeymoon, the birth.

The only words I can find to describe the Breaking Dawn wedding dress is epic – epically disappointing. Long sleeved with lace cuffs, a broad fitted neckline and argyle styled bodice panelling. The white silk (or is it a mix?) fitted dress has a train and buttoned lace detail back. The lace back detail clashes with the simplicity of the rest of the dress. I really think designer Carolina Herrera and the producers missed a huge opportunity to set a wedding trend. I know Bella is not an OTT girl, and likes her things plain. And yes a simple, elegant dress would have worked well, but the dress is not plain in an elegant way it is plainly boring beyond belief. I imagine Herrera probably wanted to stay true to the book, but I am sure Stephenie Meyers would have granted some artistic license to give it a big screen wow factor. Come on Carolina you had centuries of fantastic classic vintage influences to pull from and we get this? I really think she could have brought the vampire influence in a little and gone for an elegant, grunge, gothic, classic, creation. That we could have all had a little gasp about.

The veil looks more like a piece of netting bought for 90c a yard rather than a designed veil, maybe the lack of edging or finishing was done so as to not take away from the sapphire encrusted hair comb heirloom Bella’s parents gave her, but still a little detail for us girlies to talk about would have been nice.

I know Bella was saving herself until the wedding night but it is not because she is chaste and pure in thought, it is because her fiance doesn’t want to loose the run of himself and savage her. Would an 18-year-old would choose a dress that covers every inch of their skin for a summer wedding? – I don’t think so, unless a burka was the only alternative offered. Kristen Stuart has such a lithe frame she could carry any dress off well, even a disappointing one, and like every bride she looked nice, but nice isn’t good enough for the millions of brides-to-be around the world waiting for some dress inspiration.

I would have loved to see a creation that bridal designers could have pulled influences from, but I can’t see brides beating a track to bridal shops looking for Bella’s argyl jumper wedding dress.

Check back later for my honeymoon, wedding reception comments. I might even mention what I thought of the movie.